About Nobby

Nobby is nationally recognized for his presentations, seminars, workshops and business coaching.

His delivery of relevant topics keeps audiences tuned in and thirsty for more information. By wrapping wisdom in a package of wit, music and humor, he captures the crowd.

From his career as a professional baseball player to founding one of the largest accounting firms in Northeast Ohio to his successful entrepreneurial ventures, Nobby’s life experiences, both successful and challenging, result in humbling and inspiring presentations. Ironically, his biggest personal challenge to overcome has defied conventional thinking in becoming a career public speaker!

Simply stated, Nobby Lewandowski stutters. On April 6th, 1965 a turning point occurred in his life. It was on that day the managing partner of the major accounting firm who employed Nobby informed him that he would be better suited for a position that required minimal verbal skills as this person thought his flawed speech represented an “inability to communicate”. Nobby eventually left the firm and he clearly “communicated” to his boss that his “inability to speak fluently” should never be confused with an “inability to communicate”.

Determined to never let his speech challenge be an impediment to his success, Nobby has become a huge success in the arena of public speaking despite being a stutterer. He helps his audience understand facing adversity and obstacles can result in building strong character and be the foundation for success. By facing his own challenges, Nobby has successfully leveraged what most would think to be a “liability” into a unique and impactful “asset”.

In addition to being inspirational, entertaining and interactive, Nobby’s presentations are packed with practical, useful information. He consistently receives positive feedback, standing ovations and in some cases, individual letters from attendees illustrating how his message positively impacted lives and perspectives. He inspires confidence and composure to make the best better and motivates inner strength and competitiveness.

Nobby truly proves the theory that “It’s What You Say, Not How You Say It!”

Nobby’s Credentials

• BS in BA Kent State University 1959
• MBA Case Western Reserve University 1964
• Certified Public Accountant – Ohio 1964

• Professional Baseball
• Major Accounting Firm
• Leaseway Corporation
• CEO Accounting Firm, 23 years
• Public Speaker and Business Coach

• Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame
• Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame

• Medina County Community Fund-501(c)(3)
• Bluecoats of Medina County-501(c)(3)

• American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants

Benedictine High School:
• 1955 – “Mr. Benedictine”
• All City Football & Baseball
• National Honor Society
• 1993 – Hall of Honors*
• 2006 – Blue and White Gala – Honoree
• 2011 – Athletic Hall of Fame*

*The only other Benedictine graduate in both Halls is Chuck Noll former Pittsburgh Steeler coach.

Kent State University:
• 1955 – First Baseball Scholarship
• 1959 – Captain, Baseball Team
• 1983 – College of Business Administration – Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
• 1990 – Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
• 1991 – Appointment to the Board of Trustees
• 2003 – Varsity K – Person of the Year
• 2006, 2011, 2015 & 2017 – Beta Alpha Psi – Presenter of the Year
• 2016 – Distinguished Athletic Alumnus

Case Western Reserve University:
• 2006 – Dedication of Nobby’s Ballpark

Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants:
• 1991 – Public Service Award
• 2008 – One of Ohio’s Most Influential CPA’s

• 2015 – OSSPEAC The Annie Glenn National Leadership Award

• Journal of Accountancy – “A Piece of the Action”
• Management of an Accounting Practice – Selected Reading
• The Ohio CPA Journal – Various Articles
• Book – “Real World Leadership Strategies That Work” – Insight Publishing – Co-Author
• Book – “Speaking Out” – Insight Publishing – Co-Author