Business Coaching

“….Nobby’s impact on ICI has been a positive and invaluable one — from systems improvements, to building a corporation, to helping management increase our productivity and sales growth by over 20% per year for the past three years. No matter what the challenge…Nobby’s years as a business owner and consultant, his unique communication style and his ability to gain cooperation from all levels of the organization make him well suited to not only identify necessary organizational changes, but to impart the necessary tools to make those changes a reality.”

 Daniel P. Caine, President, ICI Metals, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Nobby for over 20 years. He has helped me work through many difficult situations and deal with complicated issues in those years. …Nobby has a real interest in helping people develop and grow rather than just providing ‘the answer’ for a given problem.”

 John P. Taylor, President, Torq Corporation

“Nobby’s ability to show the ‘business success needs’ of clients results in our attitude of extremely high concern for our client. Happy clients have translated into growth of our firm revenue… Nobby has GREAT insight for the small business owner.”

Homer Zion, Jr., CPA, Zion, Synek & Associates